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In this dating competition series, a group of attractive young people hang out on a tropical island and try to win one another's affections. The original series featured celebrity contestants, but subsequent series have employed civilian contestants. The series airs on the ITV2 network in the UK.

Daily 9:00 PM et/pt on ITV
4 Seasons, 173 Episodes
June 7, 2015
Game Show, Reality
Cast: Caroline Flack
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Love Island Full Episode Guide

  • Dani and Jack are still fighting over the results of the Lie Detector test. Dani is hurt and annoyed that Jack can't understand why she's upset.

  • Josh and Steph have just been dumped from the island. The other islanders are all relieved to still be there. The mood is tense in the villa as all the boys are asked to take a lie detector test.

  • Georgia has walked off in a huff after arguing with Sam because he brought up a tweet that was read out, about her flirting with other guys 'to keep him on his toes'. Ellie talks to Laura about her row with Charlie.

  • Alexandra makes her choice, bringing the re-coupling to an end. A Twitter challenge has shocking ramifications for Sam and Georgia.

  • Alexandra tells Alex she really likes him but that she would also like to get to know Idris better before making any decisions. Kieran is trying to graft Georgia but she tells him she is sticking with Sam.

  • Georgia and Laura return from their dates with Kieran and Idris. Laura immediately tells Jack that Idris told her he thought Jack did go in for the kiss with Georgia. Jack defends himself yet again and tells her Idris is just trying to mess them up.

  • Samira is left devastated by the results of the public vote. Two new boys arrive in the villa. Idris tells Laura he thinks Jack knew what he was doing when he kissed Georgia.

  • Meg and Wes spend a passionate night together. Josh asks Kaz to be his girlfriend. The islanders are told two people have to leave the Villa. Who's going home?

  • Laura finds out about an illicit kiss between Jack and Georgia. Her confrontation with Georgia leads to a dramatic showdown with all the islanders getting involved.

  • Reality game show. The adventure continues on Love Island - and there are plenty more surprises in store for the cast of gorgeous young things.

  • The pressure shows no sign of letting up in the Love Island villa. The Islanders face plenty more twists and turns as they experience the summer of a lifetime in paradise.

  • We are into week five in paradise - and the pressure is building for our cast of hot young things. Which of them will be coupling up and who will be in danger of getting dumped?

  • Both villa take part in a head to head challenge. Dani becomes upset when she sees Jack in the other villa with his ex.

  • A collection of highlights, exclusives and unseen action from the past week in the villa including a recap on the re-coupling and dumping, and the top stories of the week.

  • The drama shows no sign of letting up on Love Island - and the temperature is rising by the day in the nation's favourite villa.

  • As Love Island continues, our Islanders are having the summer of a lifetime in their very own sun-kissed paradise - and no two days are ever the same.

  • The temperature is rising with every day that passes on Love Island. With 50,000 pounds at stake, who is really looking for love, and who is playing a game?

  • We're into week four on Love Island and the drama shows no sign of letting up. And with 50,000 pounds up for grabs, everyone's playing the game!

  • It's the beginning of week four on Love Island and as the Islanders get hot and sweaty in the summer sun, the flirting, dating and daily dramas show no sign of letting up.

  • A dramatic third week of Love Island has come to an end, and tonight there are plenty more surprises in store for our hot young things.

  • It is getting hotter by the minute on Love Island, and while our gorgeous young things are having an unforgettable summer, there are plenty more twists and turns in store.

  • Reality game show. As week three of Love Island continues, the Islanders are partying hard and soaking up the sunshine in their very own luxury villa.

  • Reality game show. It is hotting up by the minute in paradise as Love Island continues on ITV2. With so much at stake, all is fair in love and war...

  • The girls return from their girly night out to find the two new girls ensconced in the Villa with the boys. Both girls are told they can pick three boys to make their supper.

  • Jack and Dani spend the night in the Hideaway while Rosie and Adam get all X rated in bed. Adam annoys the girls by taking a photo with the newcomers.

  • A dumping is looming, making tensions run high in the Villa. Josh and Georgia go on a snorkelling date, and get to know each other better.

  • The Islanders play a Compatibility Challenge but the couples who fail this challenge face the public vote and risk being voted off the Island.

  • Reality series. Everyone's on edge as the recoupling looms. Alex and Charlie hatch a plan to distract Eyal so Alex can tell Megan how he really feels.

  • The three new Islanders in the Villa, Charlie, Josh and Megan, are told they can choose three of the Islanders to take on a speed date in order to get to know them better.

  • After the re-coupling Jack and Dani are sent on a date to the beach, At the re-coupling Eyal saved Hayley from being dumped but he finds out that she has been gossiping about him.

  • A catch-up show of all the action from the first week. We see the girls' arrival - Caroline enters and we see the first coupling.

  • Adam dumps Kendall and turns his attention to Rosie. The boys hold the power as the Islanders get a text saying there will be a re-coupling and one girl will be dumped.

  • Georgia's date with Niall goes well and they have a kiss. Rosie and Alex's date is a bit stilted. Eyal and Hayley have a row, ending their relationship.

  • Thing are hotting up between Wes and Laura. Dani tells Jack that she thinks they should just be friends.

  • The brand new series of Love Island continues as our cast of hot young singles get used to life in paradise and the daily routine of dating, flirting and gossiping.

  • At last, the wait is over! The nation's favourite villa throws open its doors once more to begin an unforgettable summer of romance and fun in the sun.

  • Caroline Flack hosts a reunion party like no other as she gets down and dirty with all of this year's islanders. Will love still be blossoming outside of the villa? There may be drama ahead as old friends, lovers and rivals come together to take a look back at some of this year's most memorable Love Island moments.

  • Caroline Flack hosts the final of the sexy reality series, live from Majorca. It is now down to the public to choose their winner. Who deserves the 50,000 pound prize?

  • Catch up on the seventh and final full week in the Love Island villa, with plenty of unseen action and all the best moments crammed into one jam-packed hour.

  • Gabby and Marcel enjoy a final date in a helicopter, while Alex and Montana float in the ocean of love. The islanders face a secret vote, leaving couples at risk.

  • Three couples go on epic final dates. Alex and Montana discuss their feelings. Marcel prepares a romantic gesture for Gabby. The islanders take part in a talent show.

  • The girls take lie detector tests, while the boys are invited to ask any question they like. Meanwhile, Sam raises some questions over how genuine Gabby is.

  • A Twitter challenge causes drama in the villa as truths are revealed. Jamie and Camilla get even closer. The results of the latest public vote are announced.

  • With things looking good for Sam and Georgia, some of the islanders question Mike and Tyla's relationship. Camilla and Jamie talk about their future.

  • Catch up on the sixth and penultimate week in the Love Island villa, with plenty of unseen action and all the best moments crammed into one jam-packed hour.

  • Mike and Sam make their moves on Tyla and Georgia. Later, a recoupling is announced, meaning one lad will be going home before the night is over.

  • Two familiar faces enter the villa, leaving Olivia, Georgia and Tyla wondering who fancies who. The boys get the girls' hearts racing in a striptease challenge.

  • Theo makes amends after causing a scene at Jonny's departure. Chris and Olivia hit the rocks again. Alex and Montana get closer, but will they make it official?

  • Tyla and Jonny hit the rocks, while things heat up between Camilla and Jamie. A new rap trio is formed. Emotions run high as a shock dumping is announced.

  • As Tyla and Jonny look to be falling out, Theo and Jonny make up - but for how long? Are Chris and Olivia as solid as it seems? Camilla and Jamie get closer.

  • Catch up on an eventful fifth week in the villa, with plenty of unseen action and all the best moments crammed into one jam-packed hour.

  • Jonny is forced to question how Tyla feels for him. Things are on the up for Jamie and Camilla. A new bombshell enters the villa. A shock recoupling is announced.

  • Olivia and Chris look to be on the rocks as they question whether they are truly compatible. Theo makes a splash in the villa. Kem has a question for Amber.

  • New boys Theo and Jamie take some of the girls out on blind dates, leaving the boys back in the villa worried. Marcel and Gabby continue to grow closer.

  • A shock dumping is announced, but which four islanders will be leaving for good? A pole dancing challenge causes drama in the villa. Will Gabby forgive Marcel?

  • There are five new couples following Caroline's visit and Dom's departure. Kem, Amber and Chyna are in a new love triangle. Is Camilla ready to move on from Jonny?

  • It is time to catch up on an action-packed fourth week in the villa, with loads more unseen action and all the best moments crammed into one jam-packed hour.

  • The two villas compete in a game of sexy charades. Craig hopes to woo Camilla. Montana gets close to Alex. Kem tries to decide between Amelia, Danielle and Chyna.

  • The boys are sent packing just in time for Caroline to arrive at the villa with six new guys in tow. Meanwhile, five new girls arrive at the boys' new pad.

  • There is tension in the villa following Dom and Jonny's fall out. As night falls, a shock dumping is announced. Whose time in paradise has come to an end?

  • There is tension in the villa after Sam and Chloe's dumping last night. As a surprise recoupling is announced, the boys question if they are in the right couples.

  • The couples face off in the Brits Abroad challenge. Amber grows jealous over Kem and Tyla's flirting. A shock double dumping rocks the island.

  • Rumours of Jessica's actions on the outside reach Dom. Kem and Amber's relationship reaches breaking point. Camilla squirms as the islanders enjoy a sexy pub quiz.

  • It is time to catch up on an action-packed third week in the villa, with loads more unseen action and all the best moments crammed into one jam-packed hour. Who has been dumped, who has caused the most drama and who is eyeing up their next conquest?

  • New arrivals Tyla and Simon waste no time in getting to know everyone. Are the cracks starting to show in Kem and Amber's relationship?

  • Jessica and Mike's departure leaves the islanders in shock. Will Camilla and Jonny rekindle their romance? Two new arrivals look set to shake things up.

  • The islanders are left reeling when Caroline drops a bombshell. Mike makes a play for both Chloe and Amber. Will Olivia finally decide between Chris and Mike?

  • The love triangle between Chris, Olivia and Mike intensifies. Jonny and Camilla show off their sexpertise. Montana has a chat with Sam, but is he really listening?

  • The recoupling leaves Olivia tearful and torn between two guys. Chris calls out Mike on his behaviour. The latest challenge leads to some saucy revelations.

  • The impending recoupling is all anyone can talk about. The islanders play a devilish game of truth or dare. Chloe stirs up some drama between Mike and Olivia.

  • A feast of unseen moments and the very best of last week's action from the villa, featuring plenty of flirting, fighting, romance and juicy gossip.

  • New boy Mike makes himself at home, leaving the other guys nervous. Is there trouble in paradise for Dom and Jess? Sam and Montana discuss their future.

  • The girls get twerk-tastic for a new bootylicious challenge. Could Montana be the new girl for Sam? New boy Mike shakes things up.

  • A debate over feminism threatens Camilla and Jonny's relationship. Marcel and Gabby enjoy their first kiss. Montana and Chloe worry about their future.

  • There is drama as Jessica's birthday party turns sour. Chris bins Chloe. Sam calls out Chris for his backstabbing behaviour. Dom and Jessica escape to the hideaway.

  • Chris plays a dangerous game. Olivia prepares to pie Sam. Camilla sheds her inhibitions during a kissing challenge. Marcel and Gabby get closer.

  • With the ladies distracted on a spa day, two new girls enter the villa and get to know the lads. Meanwhile, the drama escalates between Amber, Kem and Chris.

  • Reality series. It is time to catch up on an unforgettable first week in the villa, with loads of unseen action and all the best moments crammed into one jam-packed hour.

  • As the first week of fun in the sun builds to a climax, this year's islanders are learning that staying in paradise is easier said than done. They arrived hoping for romance, but with a 50,000 pound prize awaiting one couple, can true love win out on Love Island or is it all just a game?

  • The new series of Love Island hots up as the young singles continue their summer of love and romance. Tonight, there is no let-up in the surprises the new islanders must face, and with 50,000 pounds up for grabs for the winning couple, it promises to be an unforgettable ride. One thing is for sure - as long as the sun keeps shining, nobody wants to leave paradise.

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