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This is a reality series scheduled to appear on Bravo. It's a spinoff of "Below Deck", but it takes place in the Mediterranean. There is more sunshine and action as the people who are in the boat do everything possible to maintain it while trying to get along with each other. The crew members get into a few incidents that test their dedication to the job and the rest of the crew. There are three deckhands on board as well as the captain, chef and stewardess. A few of the crew members get caught up in a romance while others test their skills at cooking and fishing. The crew tries to stream a football game in one episode while a few of the members miss the people they love on shore. Charter guests seem to get in on the action as well as some of them are involved in romantic escapades.

Tuesday 9:00 PM et/pt on Bravo
3 Seasons, 40 Episodes
May 3, 2016
Documentary & Biography, Reality
Cast: Danny Zureikat
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Below Deck Mediterranean Full Episode Guide

  • Hannah and Conrad re-evaluate whether their opposite outlooks on life will be able to coexist off the boat. Brooke and Kasey start to air their grievances over Hannah's work ethic, while Jamie's hard work gets recognition. Kasey and Joao resume their friendship, leading Brooke to question his intentions. And when a group of Sandy's friends charter the yacht, its make or break for Hannah as she puts on her best stew face.

  • Joao solidifies the love triangle, leaving Kasey confused; Hannah feels slighted by Brooke when she pursues a relationship with Joao; Adam gets ready for his chance at redemption as he goes foraging for food fretting the return of charter guests from last season; tensions rise when Hannah doesn't feel supported by Conrad leaving her stricken with anxiety; and Jamie becomes very ill.

  • The crew work hard to pull off a magical picnic for the guests on the island of Capri. Later, rough seas force Captain Sandy to maneuver the boat during dinner service to help a sea sick charter guest. After the guests depart, Captain Sandy announces a crew day off and Brooke throws Hannah a fake 30th birthday dock party. During the celebration, the love triangle appears to be tipping in Kasey's favor forcing Brooke to either take a chance and go for Joao or risk missing out forever.

  • The love triangle intensifies as Joao continues to send mixed messages to both Brooke and Kasey, which prompts them to confront him. A night out at a Michelin-starred restaurant inspires Adam to step up his culinary game for the rest of the season. Conrad's feelings for Hannah grow stronger while his relationship with Sandy continues to become more strained. Sandy dishes out high praise to Kasey much to the chagrin of Hannah. Meanwhile, the next charter guests send the stews into a frenzy.

  • Hannah's ongoing struggle with her underperforming Third Stew comes to a head when she learns Kasey lied on her resume. Meanwhile, Captain Sandy is concerned by Conrad's growing feelings for Hannah when their romance results in distractions from Conrad's duties. On the heels of a dining charter from hell, Adam is overjoyed when he learns he has free reign in the galley with his new charter guests. And, much to Conrad's dismay, Joao's strong work ethic is rewarded by Captain Sandy.

  • Sandy comes down hard on the interior leaving Adam to defend himself by blaming the stews' lack of communication. After weeks of back and forth flirting, Hannah puts her feelings on the line with Conrad. Meanwhile, Joao gets tough on Jamie after she accidentally oversleeps. Now that Kasey's seasickness is under control, Hannah turns her focus and frustrations to her third stew's slow-moving pace. And everyone on the crew are barely keeping up to fulfill the requests of the demanding guests.

  • After a tumultuous night out arguing with Hannah and professing his attraction to Brooke, Joao must deal with the consequences of his alcohol-fueled alter ego, Jezabob. Brooke confides in her mother that she's torn between being single and jumping right back into the dating pool. Sandy's good friend comes aboard, and the entire crew is on high alert to make sure the Captain's friend is well taken care of.

  • The crew must fend off demanding charter guests to keep Captain Sandy at bay after receiving complaints; Kasey opens up about her personal life; an intense storm strikes, leaving Conrad, Hannah, and Jamie scrambling to save their season from ending before it's fully begun; and the crew has a wild night, which leads to an argument between Joao and Hannah.

  • Captain Sandy Yawn and the crew cruise the Italian coast in the Season 3 premiere. Chef Adam returns and is ready to redeem himself after nearly getting fired last season, and returning chief stew Hannah enters her eighth season in yachting and finds herself at a crossroads on whether she should continue her yachtie life or look to settle down. Bosun Conrad is only 23, but wise beyond his years, and when fellow deckhand Joao questions his age, he quickly has to establish who's in charge.

  • As the charter season comes to an end, the crew members struggle to resolve their complicated relationships; Bobby finally finds romance; Hannah and Bugsy air their grievances, and Lauren must choose sides; Adam has one more shocking detail for Wes.

  • Bugsy's frustration with Hannah spikes. Meanwhile, a former guest returns, flanked by six sightly ladies who test Bobby's willpower, and Adam reveals a text message, putting Wes and Malia's future in question.

  • Adam's wedgie prank goes awry. Also, the demands flow (as do the drinks) when eccentric Texans board as guests; Malia gets on Sandy's bad side; Bugsy and Lauren become disgruntled; Bobby and Malia clash, but a flirty friendship blooms between them.

  • The crew scrambles to keep a VIP charter broker and her friends happy. Wes announces his choice for lead deckhand and Hannah and Bugsy attempt to work alongside each other.

  • When Hannah and Adam continue to clash, Captain Sandy insists that Adam step up his game.

  • Wes declares his feelings for Malia, while her relationship with Adam takes a turn; Max's girlfriend pays a visit; Bugsy discovers Hannah has broken ``yachtie'' code; Hannah faces Captain Sandy; a group of tequila-loving guests charters Sirocco.

  • When a hot bachelor charters the Sirocco, a smitten Hannah attempts to remain professional; Wes struggles with his growing feelings for Malia as fireworks ignite between her and Adam; Bobby receives special attention from a charter guest.

  • Malia and Adam share a romantic moment, but complications arise when she continues to flirt with Wes. The charter guests play dirty as they challenge the Sirocco crew to a relay race. When Hannah finds out Adam intentionally decided to go against the guests' food preferences, the two butt heads once again. Meanwhile, Bugsy feels alienated from the stews as Hannah and Lauren give her the cold shoulder. And when Hannah informs Captain Sandy about Adam's food sabotage, the rebellious chef finds himself in hot water.

  • News of a love triangle spreads. Also: The Oklahomans return as charter guests, complete with demanding requests; Max misses his girlfriend; tempers flare in the galley; and Bugsy is in the middle of growing animosity between Adam and Hannah.

  • Capt. Sandy grows frustrated with the crew; Bobby springs into action using his firefighter and EMT skills; Lauren questions her future on the boat; guests argue with each other; Malia lands in the middle of a love triangle during a wild night out.

  • Naked guests distract the crew; Hannah and Bobby hash out their differences; tension mounts between Lauren and Bobby; Bugsy deals with the loss of her grandmother; a twisted anchor chain leaves the crew and guests stranded at sea.

  • A rift grows between Bobby and Hannah. Meanwhile, Bobby calls out Lauren for an alleged affair; revealing guests shed their clothes; Bugsy copes with a loss; and a stern tie goes awry as the boat begins drifting into a cliffside.

  • After a mishap with the anchor, Sandy realizes her new deck crew has a lot to learn; Bobby develops a crush on Malia; as the guests enjoy a unique dinner, a slip of the tongue threatens to ruin a carefully planned surprise.

  • The crew of the luxury yacht Sirocco sets sail in the waters off of Croatia. Hannah and Bobby are joined by seven new shipmates. Hannah is used to running the interior her way, but suddenly finds herself at odds with a seasoned new leader - Captain Sandy. Bobby is once again looking for love while also working in close quarters with his ex. Chef Adam brings a chilled-out surfer vibe to the galley, as deckhand Malia finds herself the center of attention with the guys. When Captain Sandy interferes with a picnic, Hannah is left wondering if she will make it through the season.

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